“When we first brought our son Wallace to Cris for Speech Therapy she said the perfect thing to a overwhelmed mom who was dealing with a brand new diagnosis of Autism. She said “your son is just perfect and he needs some support.”  Wallace came into Speech Therapy at age two and a half with no language and verbal apraxia. Cris provided a safe, loving and dynamic environment for him to begin the long journey towards speech. Cris was the key to opening the door for my son to use words, then sentences and even to begin to play appropriately with toys and taking turns! To this day my son uses skills he learned with Cris (how to engage other children at the park, taking turns, using fully formed sentences etc.)  Over the 3 years, Cris never gave up on Wallace and she lovingly but firmly pushed my husband and I to do the additional work needed at home.

Cris worked with Wallace’s caregivers, grandparents and other school staff in my son’s life so that we could all work in concert with each other and this helped with his overall success. Early intervention can vastly improve the lives of children with speech delay and Cris does everything she can to provide the child with the tools to be successful. It’s hard work and a real investment to move a non -verbal child to verbal but worth every minute and every penny. My son has the power of language and the primary reason is his work with Cris and our commitment as a family to do the work to get him speaking and engaging with the world. He is a mainstreamed 3rd grader who has friends, who feels comfortable talking to anybody and we are so proud of him.  We are so profoundly grateful to have worked with Cris. She is cutting edge, intuitive with children, highly committed and very dynamic. She is truly amazing.

Ali Hayes & Ross Baker

(son Wallace is 8 years old.)

“Two out of our 3 children have needed speech therapy. We have had the opportunity to work with       wonderful professionals within the school district, at Dominican Hospital and several other agencies who service children in our area. Cris Colip is a professionals professional! She knows her stuff and is wonderful at breaking down the issue and giving you step by step encouragement and support.  She is the best and I would recommend her to ANYONE who is in need of Speech Services in our area!”

Lynn Shugart

“The name SpeechRighter is very fitting for Cris Colip. First and foremost, Cris ALWAYS looks at your child as right; never wrong, no matter what challenges/needs may be present. She sees the child as a beautifully whole person who is right in every way. She uses her kindness and vast knowledge to enhance children who are graced by time spent with her.
I know this first hand! Cris has worked with my son for approximately 3 years. Under her care, my son has made incredible progress in many areas. He is always happy to work and play with Cris. I am happy how Cris always explains her approaches and my son’s progress clearly and consistently. She is wonderfully organized, incredibly caring and very supportive to me as a parent. Our time with Cris has been like no other. I so appreciate her openness, soft yet firm techniques and years of experience. Speech with Cris is the Right place for you and your child!”

Jennifer Theide

“Cris Colip has been providing oral motor and feeding therapy to our 6 year old daughter for the past three years. During this time period our daughter has made tremendous progress and hit milestones the doctors told us she was unlikely to achieve. Cris has also taught us how to do some of the more simple therapies during meals at home. She has even helped design strategies to provide the support to the school our daughter attends so they can help support our daughter’s progress.”

Angela and Carlos Dobkin