What is this about?  Classroom noise. The American Speech-Language Hearing Association is urging members and concerned parents to write their representative today to support Representative Jared Huffman (CA-02) with his  introduction of  H.R. 5259, the Investing for Tomorrow’s Schools Act of 2014.  This bill “Makes eligible for loans projects to repair of leaking roofs, crumbling walls, poor ventilation, asbestos removal, energy efficiency improvements, reducing fossil fuel use, and environmental noise, among others.”  Representative Huffman’s legislation is the most current version of school construction legislation to feature classroom noise reduction.

Poor classroom acoustics affect all children but can be a particular problem for children with:

hearing loss, including children with a hearing loss in one ear (unilateral hearing loss)
– temporary hearing loss in one or both ears (ear infection or buildup of middle ear fluid)
autism and learning disabilities
auditory processing disorders
speakers of another language
speech and language delay
attention problems and hypersensitivity

A student’s ability to hear and understand communications in the classroom is vital for learning.  Please write your Representative and request that they cosponsor this important legislation!