Fast ForWord

A brain workout to improve literacy.

The Fast ForWord program is an online reading intervention program designed for students who are struggling with language and reading below grade level.  It is a daily intervention (30-90 minutes) that can be done in your own home.  The program is customized and administrated by a Speech-Language Pathologist who is additionally trained and certified in the Fast ForWord family of products.  Before beginning the program your child is evaluated and the program  is customized to fit their particular skill level and challenges.

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Fast ForWord has three primary series to suit your child’s current stage of development.  The Fast ForWord Language Series  for reading and language skill building for elementary students, the Fast ForWord Literary Series  for middle and high school students and the Fast Forward Reading Series which increases processing efficiency and builds critical reading skills according to level.  Click here to view scientifically based research by region of the United States.  Click here to view research on executive functions developed at UC Berkeley.

How it works the brain
Fast Forward helps kids with reading

“After the Fast ForWord program, Josie has more interest in reading, more fluency, and is a happier kid.”

Michelle Bowles

Josie's Mother

“She’s motivated to improve herself and move up to the grade level she’s supposed to be at. Plus, she’s picking up books to read without being asked to, which never used to happen before.”

Mariah Robinson

Mia's mother

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