Brain Waves – Brain and Ear Building Therapies for Improved Reading, Auditory Processing and Working Memory.

The future of brain training interventions has arrived and it’s all due to: Neuroplasticity.  The breaking news of brain science tells us that contrary to long held beliefs, the brain can and does continue to change and create new connections in response to focused and direct stimulation.  Neuroplasticity, the ability to create, mold and sculpt (plasticity) specific nerve cells (neurons) of the brain refers to the potential the brain has to create new neural pathways to targeted areas of the brain resulting in improved cognitive functioning.

SpeechRighter is a certified provider of the following brain training therapies  – (click these links for informational videos) Fast ForWord, Cogmed and The Listening Program.  These brain training interventions use evidence-based, research driven science to improve Reading,  Auditory Processing and Working Memory.

Fast Forword

Fast ForWord is patented software specifically designed by brain scientists to build an individual’s learning capacity through exercises designed to improve brain processing speed and accuracy.

The Fast ForWord family of products is a sequenced training series that begins with strengthening the foundational cognitive skills of memory, attention, processing and sequencing and continues through to the foundational reading skills of vocabulary, phonemic awareness, decoding, fluency and comprehension. Click here for more information.

Fast ForWord is a fully supported training program with an at-home administered protocol. What if you could improve your child’s processing, memory and attention skills?


Cogmed Working Memory Training is an evidenced-based intervention for children, adolescents and adults designed to sustainably improve attention by training working memory. Working memory is the cognitive system that provides temporary storage of information in the course of complex cognitive activites. Improved working memory capacity generalizes to improved attention and impulse control critical for focusing and shutting out distractions for complex thinking. It is responsible for keeping information “online”, manipulating it and using it in your thinking.

Cogmed training is a fully supported, intensive and rigorous program, backed by research completed in 5 weeks with improved focus outcomes benefiting academic or professional goals.

Reading Assistant
Reading Assistant™ is for all students who have basic word recognition and decoding skills and are now building vocabulary, fluency and comprehension. The software combines advanced speech recognition technology with scientifically-based interventions to simulate the experience of reading aloud in front of a patient, non-judgmental listener, and provides much needed reading practice that benefits all students. This trains the brain to process information more efficiently, which improves the ability to read with sufficient ease and accuracy so that one can focus on the meaning of the text.

Research has repeatedly shown that Reading Assistant™ (under the recommended protocols) enhances vocabulary, fluency and comprehension. These changes last a lifetime!

Listening Program

The Listening Program is an auditory integration music listening method which is personalized to improve your brain fitness at any age. TLP is a therapeutic, rehabilitative, neurodevelopmental intervention designed to improve learning (auditory attention, scholastic and study skills, focus), communication (listening, language, voice and speech), wellness (balance of mind, body, emotion and spirit) and performance (achieving higher states of physical, mental, musical and creative ability).

Research confirms improved auditory skills for childrem with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down Syndrome, and individuals suffering from sleep disorders.

TLP involves listening to acoustically-modified instrumental music to reduce stress, improve focus, self-regulation, learning and memory.

Who Can Benefit from these programs?

In a word – everyone, from pre-school through adult. Brain training work is specifically targeted to increase cognitive function anyone can benefit from its use. Research has identified concrete evidence of benefit for those students with reading difficulties, sound perception or auditory processing deficits, working memory challenges due to a congenital or acquired condition such as brain injury, as well as children and adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, Language Learning Impairment and Dyslexia. Often times the programs are used as enrichment to supplement classroom learning, to gain reading and comprehension skills or prepare for an upcoming grade or standardized tests.

How do I know which program is right for myself or my child?

Specific brain training therapies are recommended as a results of careful assessment, in-depth interview and review of records.

What kinds of changes might I see after my child starts working on specific product?

Increased self-esteem
A new excitement towards learning
Better listening and communication skills
Improved focus and ability to follow directions
Improved reading abilities
Better academic performance
Increased Executive Function and Communication

How and where do I use the program?

After targeted goals are developed an in-office orientation and training is completed and a home-based training protocol is established. Daily progress is monitored to develop weekly progress reports and a conference call schedule is set for weekly check ins and coaching. In office visits are not required, but can be scheduled separately, if needed.

Why can’t I just do memory exercises on the internet?

Customization. No cookie cutter, one size fits all approach here. The difference between braining training work and memory exercises lies within the customization and real-time stimulus-response adaptation within a program that is crafted to your specific brain. Each program is specifically designed and customized to your brains needs.

I want to know more about increasing my child’s memory attention and processing speed what do I do next?

Please take a look at the overview for the program you are interested in and contact me for more in-depth information and to schedule a complimentary appointment to take a closer.

Contact me for a complimentary appointment and demonstration!